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Saw, Sand, Wash!!

Your next step is to follow these procedures.


Electric Body Saw


Hand Sander-Used 80 grit,


Dish washing liquid and scrubbing brush

purchased from:

"oh you know the thing!"


1.) Use brake cleaner and a scrub brush

2.) Get dawn dish washing liquid and water

3.) scrub all up in that truck intake!!

4.) Wash those cathedral ports very good for a good seal!

5.) Also wash the dirt and grim on the outside of the LQ4.

6.) Rinse, or repeat (1-5 of you wish) then rinse.


I personally repeated these above cycles at least 3 times. Some of these truck intakes can be really oily and caked up with carbon so therefore tough to get clean, but with the brake cleaner and dawn liquid, it can be achievable.


I like the manual labor,......

Posted by king-brink on November 24, 2020 at 5:03 AM 310 Views

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